Interested in joining our competitive team?

Below is a quick peek into what you could expect with becoming a part of Xpressions Dance Studio.

How much does it cost?

Costs are dependent on how many classes your dancer enrolls in. A single non competitive class would typically start at $60 a month. Our competitive program monthly studio fees would range from $120-$150 a month with a family cap of $280 a month. Placement classes are typically the end of August. Costume and competition fees are not included in the monthly fee. Competition costs tend to run around $300 per group dance (includes fees and costume)and are ½ due the end of September and ½ due the end of October.

If I chose to put my dancer in the competitive program what does that mean?

Our competitive program means they will be training several times a week and would attend 5-6 competitions between March-May of 2024.There will be a dress rehearsal in February and a year end show in May. Joining the competitive teams is a commitment. Missing classes and functions is not to be taken lightly.

What do you offer for styles?

We offer ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, technique and acro. All styles are not guaranteed per age group as this is decided based on interest. Placement classes allow the teachers to form groups based on ability and age.

What do they need for clothing?

Typically this is athletic and dance clothing and proper footwear (ballet shoes,jazz shoes, indoor sneakers). A list of colours and brands will be published with class attire per dance style.

What involvement is required with the studio?

We do not have a committee. We do not have a parent board. We do not have mandatory fundraisers. There are fundraising opportunities offered but we do not care if you do them or not. The money made from any fundraising goes directly back to the kids that participate only. Throughout the year we typically do a picture day, a food bank drive, a Christmas class party, and a trip at the end of the year with the kids.

When are classes held?

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Private lessons are available other days.

Make up classes may be scheduled on other days. Special events may be held on other days.

Your dancer’s age and which classes they are enrolled in will determine their schedule. We will publish a schedule in August.

There is a class between the classes that my child attends, where do they go?

We have converted the attached garage on the house into a waiting room referred to as the “den”. This is where kids go to hang out while waiting for pickups and between classes. They can eat, do homework, socialize, etc….


Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Sherri Strickland